University of Oklahoma 

Dissertation Title:   "On the Formation of Vertical Vortices in the Atmosphere"
        Advisors: Professor Emeritus Douglas K. Lilly and Dean John T. Snow

Ph.D. Meteorology 1991-1999
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Thesis Title:"Three-Dimensional, Non-Hydrostatic Numerical Simulation of a
Developing Tropical Cyclone"
        Advisor:  Professor Gregory J. Tripoli

M.S. Meteorology 1988-1990
University of Oklahoma

B.S. Meteorology & Math Minor 1987
University of Kansas
Freshman Year 1983-84



                 • Meo, M., Gropp, R., Kanak, K. M. and M. Santos, 1996: National Convocation on Science and Engineering Doctoral Education:  Report and                                                                                                   Recommendation to the Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate College.  University of Oklahoma internal report.

    Seminars Presented

               •   Inivited: The Pennsylvania State University, "Overview of Long Track Tornadoes:  Definition, Climatology,
                                Sounding Parameters, Upper-Level Flow Fields, and Radar",  J. Straka, A. Kennedy,  L. Reames, and K. Kanak    2011

               •   University of Oklahoma           "Vertical Vortices in the Convective Boundary Layer”  K. Kanak                                         2007
               •  University of Oklahoma             “What Causes Mammatus?”  presented with D. Schultz, and J. Straka                                  2006
               •  Lilly Symposium, NCAR GTP Symposium      “Convective Vortex Research with Douglas K. Lilly”                                  2004
               •  University of Oklahoma             "Vertical Vortex Formation in Ellipsoidal Bubbles", presented with A. Shapiro                   2001
               •  University of Oklahoma              "The Formation of Vertical Vortices in the Convective Boundary Layer"                            1999
               •  University of Oklahoma            "The Linear Stability and Structure of Convection in a Circular Mean Shear"                        1996
               •  University of Wisconsin-Madison       "Lower Boundary Conditions in Atmospheric Numerical Models"                              1989


                •  Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society
                •  Icarus
                •  Boundary Layer Meteorology
                •  Atmospheric Research
                •  Journal of Fluid Mechanics
                •  Physics of Fluids
                •  Atmospheric Science Letters
                •  Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences
                •  Monthly Weather Review
                •  Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology
                •  Geophysical Research Letters
                •  National Science Foundation
                •  The Chilean Research Fund Council
                •  Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research
                •  NASA ROSES Proposal Reviewer

    Other Service

            •  Member of the School of Meteorology Graduate Studies Committee  (Fall 2008-Feb 2009)
            •  Member of the National Weather Service Library Committee, Representative for CIMMS (2002-2007)


                •    Member of the American Geophysical Union                   (1999-present)
                •    Member of the American Meteorological Society             (1988-2011)
                •    Associate Member of the Royal Meteorological Society   (2006-2011)